Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Canadian Weekly Flyers - Supermarket Flyers

Canadian Weekly Flyers has emerged as a standard mobile measurement industry because it provides advertisers with an impartial and transparent attribution analytics. Most importantly, we appreciate the integrity of the data maintenance of our customers private and secure, which has gained the trust of more than 2000 network and analytics partners who are integrated with us. Be sure, we will never sell data to any third party platforms.

This vision has attracted the best and brightest to Supermarket Flyers. growth in output was driven by a dynamic team-player environment nurture, driving the growth and ongoing learning process. We believe that this atmosphere is a catalyst for innovation and experimentation, eventually leading to the development of the best possible analytical platform.

Understanding that the mobile advertising industry is in its infancy, each member of the team comes into the office with a can-do attitude and unparalleled sense of adventure. They are full of the excitement of their work in the revolutionary Canadian Weekly Flyers.